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Enjoyment is a fundamental aspect of participating in any sport. The aim at All Stars Elite Badminton Club Milton Keynes is to ensure members enjoy their badminton in a fun environment.

After an 18 year career as  a professional badminton player, Sara Sankey decided to give others the fantastic opportunity she'd had - and  so, in 2002,  All Stars Badminton Club was born, offering structure, dedication and knowledge to help players of all standards fulfill their potential and develop into Champions.



There are two main pathways: CLUB - for players who wish to learn the sport at a fun and social level, and ELITE - for those who wish to have a more structured approach, learn quickly and take their skills into matches and tournaments.  


There is also a FAST TRACK program that is offered to those in the Elite pathway who have shown signs of dedication, determination and are hungry for success.  This provides  an opportunity for players to fulfil their potential by increasing their training two-fold. 

1-1 training sessions are available to any All Stars member if you wish to increase your training time further.

There are also many courses, generally running through the school holidays, that you can attend.




The Webber School of Badminton is a concept where education and badminton are combined to provide a unique training experience.  It was created in 2016 with the Webber Independent School in the heart of Milton Keynes, and is the first of its kind in the UK.  It provides a tailor-made program for the most dedicated and talented young badminton players.  For more information about the scholarship, please go to:


The coaching team consists of highly trained and motivated coaches, including many    Ex-international badminton players:  

 Maz Agathangelou, Liz Cann, Darren Adamson, Sophie Sankey.


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