Previous Events

Christmas Age Group Tournament's 2015


U11 'B' Winner - Dylan, Runners up - Devkrrish, Best Effort - Divyaish.                                                                                                        U11 'A' Winner - Oliver, Runners up - Ethan, Best Effort - Suraj.                                                                                                                     U13 Boys Winner - Oliver, Runners up - Nadeem, Best Effort - Tom.                                                                                                               U13 Girls Winner - Vaishnavi, Runners up - Medha, Best Effort - Ikshita.                                                                                                     U15 Boys Winner - Oliver, Runners up - Nadeem, Best Effort - Oscar.                                                                                                             U15 Girls Winner - Alesha, Runners up - Indira, Best Effort - Neshitha.                                                                                                         U19 Boys Winner - Oliver, Runners up - Max, Best Effort - Ethan.                                                                                                                   U19 Girls Winner - Eleanor, Runners up - Alesha, Best Effort - Eve.

Parent/Child Christmas Tournament


Semi Finals - Nadeem & Dad vs Thariny & Uncle                                                                                                                                                              Semi Finals - Lisa & Mum vs Oliver & Dad                                                                                                                                                                     Winners - Nadeem & Dad, Runners up - Oliver & Dad

Hoensbroek Int. Tournament 2015


I took 42 players' and parents away from the 27th December till the 30th December. The results are as follows:                 U13 GS - Winner - Gauri Shidhaye                                                                                                                                                                                U13 GD - Bronze - Lisa Curtin & Eleanor Butler, Gauri Shidhaye & Sophie Hillman                                                                                 U11 BD - Consolation - Winners - Oliver Butler & Ethan Hosken                                                                                                                        U11 Team Event - Winners - Oliver, Rishabh, Ethan .

Well done everyone !!!!       

Globus Cup International Tournament 2015

19th - 21st June

All Stars took a group of 25 players' and 15 parents to the Globus Cup In Germany for an International tournament. The competition was over 3 days and they played both singles & doubles. It was a very enjoyable experience and some of the players' played extremely well and won medals. There were also some exceptional performances from some that didn't gain medals but performed way above their standard against hard opposition.

To name a few that performed very well:
Nikhil Kalapala U15BS, Ethan Hosken U11BS, Ashwati Nair U11GS, Oliver Butler U13BS, Calvin Mac U13BS & Ben Giddings U13BS.

Medal Winners:-

U11 GS - Lisa Curtin - GOLD, Sophie Hillman - BRONZE
U11 GD - Lisa Curtin & Sophie Hillman - GOLD
U11 BS - Akash Rattu - SILVER
U11 BD - Akash Rattu & Ethan Hosken - SILVER, Oliver Butler & Kartik Rajeskhar - BRONZE
U13 GS - Eleanor Butler - BRONZE
U13 GD - Eleanor Butler & Gauri Shidhaye - SILVER

Well done everyone!!!

Awards Night

Saturday 13th June

Foundation Squads:

Most Improved: Swetha, Divyaish, Srijan   
Best Effort: Sai, Parinitha, Anish J  
Most Improved: Aabha, Roshni, Aditi   
Best Effort: Prasanthi, Shamika, Sonali

Development Squads:

Most Improved: Ravit, Jayendra, Abhi 
Best Effort: Tanish, Ayaan, Trisha
Most Improved: Neshitha, Harshini, Medha 
Best Effort: Ikshita, Hayden, Neshitha
Most Improved: Chinmayi, Jedediah, Ishan
Best Effort: Anish N, Patrick, Chinmayi
Most Improved: Krishnav, Delisha, Chai
Best Effort: Sahithi, Naveena,  Alex
Most Improved: Reva Ashwin Daniel F
Best Effort: Katie Simi Vaishnavi

Emerging Squads:

Most Improved: Himendra, Aarav, Gloria
Best Effort: Robert, Himendra, Henry 
Most Improved: Sam, Adam H, Alishba 
Best Effort: Tom G, Abhinand, Chloe  
Most Improved: Madhav ,Aryaman, Sachita 
Best Effort: Eve, Anish, Sai Th 
Most Improved: Srishti, Daniel G, Devkrrish  
Best Effort: Brandon, Suprabath, Rohan S

Elite Squads:

Most Improved: Ashwati, Emma, Suraj  
Best Effort: Blake, Jocelyn, Meenal
Most Improved: Max, Cameron, Meera 
Best Effort: Jamie, Greg, Dhanay  
Most Improved: Ethan, Adam, Kieran  
Best Effort: Justin, Hannah, Ben G  
Most Improved: Charlotte, Gauri, Eleanor K
Best Effort: Dylan, Dale, Bryony  
Most Improved: Thivi, Calvin, Rishabh 
Best Effort: Darsh, Oliver W, Aidan


There are also the following awards to be announced on the night:

  • Coaches Player of the Year - Ashwati
  • Male Player of the Year - Nikhil
  • Female Player of the Year - Chinmayi
  • Best Tournament Result -Oliver B
  • Best International Result - Lisa
  • Players' Player of the Year (voted for by each player) - Thivi
  • There will as usual be a few funny awards to be given out as well.


BDM All Stars Tournament

Saturday 30th May

What a fantastic day of badminton for the All Stars members. First event up was the Parent/child tournament. All of my junior members behaved impeccably but I can't say that about all the 'Dad's' playing. Some of them got a little too competitive, even to the extent of taking the shuttle of their child's racket as they were going to hit it!!! After saying all this everyone had a brilliant time though. Over 50 pairs took part, it was lovely to see families having fun playing badminton. During the day we played U11'B', U11'A', U13 GS, U13 BS, U15GS, U15BS, U19's. Loads and loads of matches played in a great spirit and good sportsmanship and all mostly played to schedule. A huge thank you to the helpers on the day, Katie & Rachael on the desk, Soph & Hayden doing the shop and the court helpers, Dhanay, Cameron, Thivi, Kieran, Gauri & Max.

A massive thank you to Steve Butler & Ryan Parsons from Forza UK for coming down and showing the NEW shirts for the different squads this August. I hope everyone tried on a shirt and gave their sizes to Soph (if not you will need to give me your size asap).

Thank you also to Ryan Carrick who came down and took over 1000 pictures of the players. I hope to have a selection on the website asap.

And lastly a huge thank you to BDM, our sponsors for the day.

Raj's Coaching Day

16 lucky players' received coaching from Raj over 2 hours at the NBC. What an experience!!!