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1:1 sessions for October

Monday 6-7.30pm Alex Lamb 

Friday 7.45-9.15pm Will Zhao 

Pranav will have Friday 7.45-9.15pm in November. 

There is Thursday 6-7.30pm still available. 

Sophie will set up invoices for those two people.

Changes to games sessions as of October 1st 

Moving from 5.30pm session into 12pm session = Varad & Akshay

Moving from 12pm session into 9am session = Max

Moving from 10.30am session into 9am session = Akash, Samarth and Patrick 

All other changes to Elite sessions are up on the website (Alex, Madhav, Abhinand, Fred) moving to Tuesday night games. 

Also just a reminder about Elite groups changing from October 1st, they have been on the website for weeks and been told in their sessions. 

Also a reminder that the new weekday games sessions are working on a tiered system, people who are struggling will be moving down and those who deserve it will be given an opportunity for a trial in the session above – this is based on attitude, behaviour, application and results (also to do with their training work ethic).

Changes to Elite Pathway

As of October 1st we are making some changes to the Elite pathway, which will affect members in the following sessions: Monday 7.30-9pm, Thursday 7.30-9pm, Friday 7.45-9.15pm as well as both mid week games sessions. 

All of these changes are now up on the website to be viewed, for some of you there will not be any change and for some of you there will be changes to training and/or games. 

We understand that for those members whose sessions have changed days/times these might not be convenient so there is a small amount of leniency and we can possibly move you to a different session, but we have purposely put each member into the session best suited to them so please if possible attend the session you’ve been put into. If you request to change this could mean you move into a lower session dependent on availability. 

We have created 3 different games groups during the week instead of 2, as we want the games to be closely contested and of a high standard and this is perhaps not always the case at the moment. In order to move from one games group to another you will need to be winning all your matches over a period of weeks, and for the coaches in that session to be happy with you’re attitude, attendance and work ethic. 

Please can all members ensure they bring their notebooks with them to games sessions as well as training, as you should all be analysing your matches and improving on your tactical awareness. 

You have until Sunday 2nd September to email Sophie requesting a change of day if you are not able to attend you’re new session (only for those who have been moved) and we will do our best to accommodate you, anyone emailing after this date will only be able to be moved if there are spaces available but there is no guarantee. 

There will also be some changes to the Sunday games sessions, these will be coming out in the next few weeks. 

Individual Sessions 

We are also going to be offering 1:1 sessions from week beginning October 1st, the sessions available are:

1 session Monday 6-7.30pm – Coach TBC – Cost £35

1 session Monday 7.30-9pm – Coach TBC – Cost £35

1 session Thursday 6-7.30pm – Darren or Liz – Cost £35

2 sessions Friday 7.45-9.15pm – Sophie & Mark – Cost £35

These are for a one month period, you will receive an invoice prior to the start of the month and you will need to pay the full months amount on the 1st of the month as you do with the club fees. There are no refunds for missed sessions. 

To register you’re interest for one of these sessions for the month of October you need to email Sophie stating the members name and which session you would like by Monday 3rd September, and Sara will then send an email out next week stating who has got which session. Emailing to register you’re interest does not guarantee you will get the session. 

Danish U17 - Gauri takes BRONZE in the GS and quarters in the DBS. Lisa reaches last 16 in the GS and quarters in the DBS with Gauri. Well done girls.

French U17 - Lisa takes SILVER in the GS and quarters in the DBS. Gauri reaches two quarter finals. Well done to both girls. 

Leicestershire U15 Silver - Ethan takes GOLD in the MXD with his new partner without even dropping a set. Well done.

Congratulations Robert - for winning GOLD in the BS 15-17yrs at the British Transplant Games. A brilliant achievement Robert, well done from all of the Coaching Team.

Restrings - Please collect your racket and pay at the time of pick up. There are a few people owing for their restrings.

Collection of players - Please can parents collect their children on time from their sessions. Whilst I do understand that occasionally there could be a problem and you are late picking up, going shopping is not a good excuse. Please remember we have to stay with your child and then that could make us late for whatever we have planned. ALWAYS come in to the hall to collect your child, DO NOT let them just walk out into someones car.

Players books - We are now into about the 3rd or 4th week of writing into players books. This is really going well, as I now see players writing in themselves, what things went well, what things they need to work on.Parents are very welcome to read the books and comment, especially if they are unable to come in and watch their child.

Moving groups - A few players are going to be moved up in the games groups. This will be determined on three things, results, attendance and improvements being made. I welcome parents coming in to watch their child especially in the games sessions, then you can see if they are putting what they learn into practice into their games. The movements will take place in September, once everyone is back from their Summer break.

Webber Tournaments - There are three in September for the players to enter, U11, U13 Bronze and U15 Silver. You have no excuse as you don't have far to travel. Entries close very soon for these, so please don't miss the deadline. If you are unsure if you should be entering, then please just ask your coach who will tell you. You will need a current Bad Eng membership number though.