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Changes to Sessions

Parents Evening at Webber
On Tuesday 9th July, Webber have their parents evening, so there will beNO6-7pm CLUB session, but the 7-8.30pm ELITE GAMES session will beON.
The replacement session for the 6-7pm CLUB session will be on MONDAY 8th JULY at 6-7pm.

Changes to Sessions
From Monday 29th July there have been some changes. The Mondays 5-6pm Club session will be moved to Fridays 5-45pm.

There have also been some changes to players training & games sessions as well. Please check carefully online, under the Club/Elite/Games sessions. If you cannot find your name at all, please email

New Games Sessions Times:
Games sessions have changed from today. We have given out notices, put it on the website, put the information out on the news board at webber and send out three newsletters about the changes. I am sure there will be some players who say they haven't received the information. 

9-10.30am - The old 9-10.30am group + the old 10.30-12noon group.
10.30-12noon - The old 4-5.30pm group
12-1.30pm - The old 12-1.30pm group + the old 5.30-7pm group.

Shirt Order -Thank you to those players who have ordered their new Yonex shirts. The order has gone in and we are waiting for a delivery date. As soon as I receive one, I'll let you know.

Elite/Club Sessions - In the past we have allowed players who are not playing tournaments to go into the Elite Pathway, this will be changing. I feel the Elite training is geared around players wanting to go into tournaments and reach a much higher level. The Club sessions are aimed at players just starting out or wanting to play just for fun and social reasons to learn about the sport. We cater for both types of players.
I have stated before that players in the Elite Pathway will need to buy the Yonex package. Not many players have done this. From June 28th, players who have not bought the Elite Yonex Package(designed for players playing tournaments) will be moved into the Club Pathway as this will be a better session for you, as you are not playing tournaments. If you play tournaments and therefore wish to remain in the Elite Pathway then you will need to purchase the Yonex kit. We have kept these prices down to a minimum thanks to Yonex sponsoring the club.
You can go to and then click on the Yonex Shop. The Elite packages are on there, you just need to select a junior or adult package.