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Recent Tournament Results

Congratulations go to the following players on their recent results.

Samarth - GOLD in the BS at the Hampshire U13 Bronze

Aarav - SILVER in the BS* & BD at the Redbridge U13 Gold

Gauri - BRONZE in the GS at the National U19s 

Jay - GOLD in the BS at the Redbridge U13 Gold

Alex - BRONZE in the BD at the Redbridge U13 Gold

Results From The Age Group Tournaments

First of all congratulations to everyone who took part. It was fantastic to see your hard work over the last few months really paying off in your match play. As a result of these results, I will be announcing the names for the Fast Track Programme very soon.

GOLD - Ronak
SILVER - Shaurya
BRONZE - Will & Sai

GOLD - Anish J
SILVER - Suprabath
BRONZE - Samarth & Shaurya

GOLD - Rishabh
SILVER - Anish J
BRONZE - Partick & Aryan A

GOLD - Thivi
SILVER - Rishabh
BRONZE - Calvin & Aditya

Christmas Schedule 2018

Closure for Christmas
All Stars last session for the Christmas period will be on Friday 21st December. We will then reopen on Sunday 6th January 2019.

Christmas Tournaments
Age Group Tournament
This year the age group singles tournament will be on Sunday 16th December (there will be NO games session on this day). There will be U11, U13, U15 & U19 age groups.
ALL PLAYERS SHOULD ENTER. You will need to email with the following information.
Age group to enter
U11-2009 and after, U13 - 2007 and after, U15 - 2005 and after, U19- 2001 and after.
You can enter more than one age group, if you think you are good enough to do so.
We will look at these results for any movements, up and down for the groups.

Adult & Child Tournament
This will be on Saturday 22nd December. If you are 14 and under you will be put down as a child, 15+ you will be put down as an adult. Partners will be pulled out of a hat and given a handicap. Again you need to email to enter.

Both of these tournaments are FOC due to the time off over the Christmas period.


Danish U17 - Gauri takes BRONZE in the GS and quarters in the DBS. Lisa reaches last 16 in the GS and quarters in the DBS with Gauri. Well done girls.

French U17 - Lisa takes SILVER in the GS and quarters in the DBS. Gauri reaches two quarter finals. Well done to both girls. 

Leicestershire U15 Silver - Ethan takes GOLD in the MXD with his new partner without even dropping a set. Well done.

Congratulations Robert - for winning GOLD in the BS 15-17yrs at the British Transplant Games. A brilliant achievement Robert, well done from all of the Coaching Team.

Restrings - Please collect your racket and pay at the time of pick up. There are a few people owing for their restrings.

Collection of players - Please can parents collect their children on time from their sessions. Whilst I do understand that occasionally there could be a problem and you are late picking up, going shopping is not a good excuse. Please remember we have to stay with your child and then that could make us late for whatever we have planned. ALWAYS come in to the hall to collect your child, DO NOT let them just walk out into someones car.

Players books - We are now into about the 3rd or 4th week of writing into players books. This is really going well, as I now see players writing in themselves, what things went well, what things they need to work on.Parents are very welcome to read the books and comment, especially if they are unable to come in and watch their child.

Moving groups - A few players are going to be moved up in the games groups. This will be determined on three things, results, attendance and improvements being made. I welcome parents coming in to watch their child especially in the games sessions, then you can see if they are putting what they learn into practice into their games. The movements will take place in September, once everyone is back from their Summer break.

Webber Tournaments - There are three in September for the players to enter, U11, U13 Bronze and U15 Silver. You have no excuse as you don't have far to travel. Entries close very soon for these, so please don't miss the deadline. If you are unsure if you should be entering, then please just ask your coach who will tell you. You will need a current Bad Eng membership number though.