Every month there will be a new quiz online. All you need to do is answer the questions and send the answers in an email to sophie@allstarselitebadminton.co.uk. The winner will receive a £10 voucher to spend at the Yonex Shop.

First quiz - January 2019

  1. Who were the last English winners of an All England title?

  2. what does Coach Mark have a degree in?

  3. How many feathers does a shuttlecock have?

  4. In which year did Badminton become an Olympic sport?

  5. How many of the Badminton players from the 1992 Olympic team can you name?

  6. Where did the game of Badminton gets it name from?

  7. Yoneyama Trading Ltd was the original name of which company?

  8. Head Coach Sara played her last ever game for England in what year? Photo below(picture 1)

  9. How many Commonwealth Games did Head Coach Sara play in?

  10. Who was the only person to ever win all three titles in the same year at the All England?

  11. Who was the first Indian to win the All England Championship twice?

  12. Name the lady in picture 2, who won the World Championships and European Championships in 1980?

  13. Which Danish player won the 1996 Olympic Gold medal?

  14. In what years did Morten Frost win Silver medals at the World Championships?

  15. What are the best shuttles made of?